Motorway fog

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Motorway fog

In many locations in upper Sindh and Punjab on Sunday, there was a dense fog that covered national and international roadways. Poor visibility caused disruptions in the flow of traffic in Lahore and other areas of Punjab. According to a motorway police spokeswoman, the m-2 from Islamabad to Lahore was block by traffic due to poor visibility.

He continued by saying that due to the fog, sections of the m-4 highway from pindi bhattian to multan cantt, part m-5 from Lohri to Multan, and the m-route from Multan to khaniwal were all closed. Due to heavy fog, traffic stop, and the m-3 segment between Lahore and darkhana was close.

Along the Sukkur parts of the road, reports of similar hazy conditions were made near daharki, Pannu aqil, karma bad, and Khair Pur. He added that the gambit road and the motorway were both obscure by thick fog.

In addition to swallowing the national highways of basti ma look, Bahawalpur, and lodhran, the spokesperson claimed that fog also enveloped the national highways of Lahore, pattoki, okara, Sahiwal, Harappa, chichawatni, mian channu, khaniwal, and Multan.


Due to the extremely cold weather and air pollution, the majority of the country’s highways were covered in fog. The minimum morning temperature in Karachi remained between 6 and 8 degrees celsius as the cold weather persisted.

Leh had a minimum temperature of – 14 degrees Celsius, ziarat and kalat minus 11, Quetta minus nine, kalam minus eight, dalbandin, Parachinar, and hunza minus seven, Malam Jabba minus six, and naukkandi minus four, hob and panjgur.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (pmd) has predicted cold, dry weather with 40% humidity for Karachi as winds from the northeastern side are blowing through the city. As extreme cold weather is predicted to continue in Karachi for a few more days, the highest daytime temperature could rise as high as 26 degrees Celsius, according to the pmd. In the upcoming days, the temperature will range between 7 and 9 degrees Celsius.

At 5.6 degrees celsius in the early hours of January 1, Karachi experienced its coldest night in the previous ten years. According to the forecast, in addition to extremely chilly conditions, most of the country should have cold and dry weather. Both in northern Balochistan and higher regions. Additionally, dense fog is anticipate across Punjab’s plains and in upper Sindh.


Express News reported on Thursday that the province’s traffic has been significantly affect by a fog cover that has covered all main routes. According to a motorway police spokeswoman, there is heavy fog in several cities, including Lahore, manga mandi, pattoki, okara, Sahiwal, chichawatni, mian channu, sheikhupura, muridke, Gujranwala, and Gujrat.

Is the motorway open today from Lahore to Islamabad?

Roadway visibility was measured to be up to 20 meters. The m2 from Lahore to Islamabad as well as the highways from Lahore to Pindi bhattiyan and Gojira were consequently shut down permanently. Road officials advised drivers to turn on their fog lights while driving and to avoid making unnecessary commutes.

Motorway helpline

Additionally, commuters were advise to utilize the motorway police helpline. Or the mobile application in the event of an urgent matter. While fog is anticipate in the plains of Punjab and upper Sindh.  The weather department has forecast that majority of the country will continue to experience dry, cold weather.

Previously in December, the provincial capital’s entry and exit points were block by major traffic gridlock. All entry and exit sites, including shahdara morr, sagging bridge, babu Sabu, and old Ravi bridge.  And thokar niaz beg saw one- to two-kilometer-long car lines. According to city traffic police in Lahore, the traffic bottleneck was cause by an unusually high volume of traffic and hazy weather.

Road accident

In Pakistan, hardly a week has gone by without a story of a road accident.  That has resulted in many fatalities during the past few years during the winter. Continue reading to learn that the weather, particularly fog, was a significant contributing role.

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Over 50 people died as a result of a head-on accident between a bus and a truck last week in Khair Pur, Sindh.

Motorway fog accident

There may have been a light fog at the time of the collision, according to one news report. Every year, fog causes the motorway in Punjab to close for several hours, and occasionally even for a few days. Road accidents are reportedly one of the main causes of death worldwide, according to a world health organization (who) study.

Pakistan has a high youth mortality rate.

While having a road-worthy vehicle and being physically fit are the most obvious aspects of driving. This is especially important when traveling long distances or even in bad weather.

Here are some considerations to bear in mind. If you are unable to move your travel to an hour or day without fog:

Winter causes fog, which reduces vision; be careful to avoid any perilous situations; pay attention to the road ahead. Here are below precautions for Motorway fog.

Rules for motorway

– reduce the speed of your car to a safe level (remember, if you need to apply breaks suddenly the higher the speed the longer it takes)

— turn on the headlights but not the high beams because they could reflect the fog’s moisture.

— if you have fog lights, turn them on (if you travel regularly on roads that experience fog, consider installing fog lights both at the front and rear)

— if the fog prevents you from seeing the car behind you, check your rearview mirror and turn on your rear fog lights.

— when in a moving line and the automobile in the back is only a few feet distant, stay away from utilizing your rear fog lights.

— to improve visibility, use wipers with a screen wash.

If you don’t have demisters, turn the air conditioning on hot, and the haze will go immediately.

— don’t follow too closely behind the car in front, and don’t hold on to its tail lights. If the front car suddenly breaks, you might not have enough time to safely do so

— go gently and keep an eye out for parked or abandoned cars.

— be aware of pedestrians and other obstructions that could be hard to see.

— be patient while driving; do not overtake, pass, or even abruptly change lanes.

— if you think someone is driving too close to you.  Pull over as soon as you can so they can pass. Avoid accelerating to leave quickly.

— avoid accelerating to pass a car that is traveling slowly if you are stuck behind it. You can signal your purpose to move forward. But exercise caution because a rapid horn blast or light flash could throw the motorist off.

— even though the region in front of you could seem to have better visibility. Beyond it, you can get stuck in heavy fog.

— only drive within the post speed limits after you are satisfied the fog has lift.

— if the fog is too dense to go through, completely pull off the road to a safe location.  Avoid driving beside the road’s shoulder and wait for the fog to clear before continuing. Turn on your warning lights.

– if your car needs to stop for whatever reason, turn on your hazard lights and get off the road as quickly as you can.

— avoid attempting to push a small car out of the path because you risk getting hit by oncoming traffic.

– should your car does breakdown and you are wearing a hi-viz jacket put it on before exiting the car

Driving while it’s cloudy requires concentration, which can be stressful and strain your eyes. Take frequent pauses while traveling, and reach your destination without incident.

— avoid distractions while driving, such as using a phone or adjusting the music. Have a passenger other than the driver take the call or adjust the music.

Watch your speed at all times; you can move faster than you believe.

– slow down gradually rather than drastically to allow traffic behind you to respond quickly as well.

— you might hear a car or barrier before you see it (animals crossing). Consequently, you might want to open your windows and listen to the outer environment.

Speed excites but is lethal and is an accident waiting to happen in bad weather.

(dunya news) Lahore – according to dunya news, dense fog once more engulfed several cities in Punjab. Including Lahore, on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, paralyzing daily life and interfering with air and road travel.

Several incoming planes were divert to other airports. Which also had an impact on flight operations at the Allama Iqbal international airport in Lahore.

Motorway updates

The amount of traffic on the roads in many cities has been severely hamper by the dense fog. The lahore-multan motorway m3 from Jaipur to sundry. And the motorway m11 from Lahore to Sialkot, and the motorway m2 from Lahore to kit Sarwar. It has all been close to all types of traffic, according to a motorway official.

Fog prediction

The grand trunk (gt) road should be use for travel, the motorway police have urged. Additionally, they encouraged the motorists to slow down and turn on their fog lights. The motorway police have also urged people to forgo unnecessary travel and stay at home. Due to poor visibility, dense fog has also caused traffic disruptions along the national highway in various locations throughout the province.

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