Whatsapp tweeks

Whatsapp tweeks


with the aid of the android WhatsApp tweeks, users may access WhatsApp’s secret settings. Today, we’ll demonstrate how to download the most recent version of WhatsApp tweeks for your android device. And one of the top developers, alex193a, is the creator of WhatsApp tweeks, an application that allows users to access WhatsApp’s hidden settings.

in addition to many other capabilities, there are settings that allow users to get around the 7-second delete-for-everyone limit. These days, there is a tonne of WhatsApp modifications available that let you change the app’s theme and customize its appearance, both of which are excellent. And this program is unique in that it enables users to access features that are either hidden from view or unavailable to them.

Describe chmod.

Whatsapp always keeps its settings out of sight for regular users. You must be a developer if you wish to use these features. Now that the application has been decompiled, these developers can access its hidden functionality. Currently, every time WhatsApp receives a beta update, some specific permissions are hidden. And to access those capabilities, users must utilize the WhatsApp tweeks application.

These settings in WhatsApp can be unlock with chmod777 permission. Using apktool to decompile WhatsApp, you can enable certain functionalities and then modify the app’s permissions.

With WhatsApp tweeks, you can simply enable such hidden functions without having to decompile anything. And with WhatsApp tweeks assistance.

Whatsapp tweeks: what is it?

The android software whatsapp tweeks will assist you in accessing WhatsApp’s secret function. You can just take use of WhatsApp’s ongoing hidden features. And simple rules must be followed and you must be using the most recent beta version of WhatsApp if you want to access WhatsApp’s hidden capabilities. And there are many other things I’ll cover in this article.

What does a developer of WhatsApp tweeks do?

The creator of WhatsApp tweeks monitors WhatsApp on a regular basis to see if any new features have been adding. If so, the app has been updating. Considering doing this will be inform whenever a new version of WhatsApp is release, so if you want to continue using the app, make sure to update it.


Regular updates for WhatsApp tweeks

This application is updated every day; to obtain daily updates, simply bookmark our website. And if you don’t install the application, you’ll lose access to the secret features. With only 4 MB in size, WhatsApp tweeks is a little bundle of software that can do numerous WhatsApp tweeks and run on rooted android devices.

How WhatsApp tweeker functions

To enjoy this program, you must first ensure that you have installed the official and updated WhatsApp.and you cannot use WhatsApp tweeks on your phone if you have installed another WhatsApp mod with a different package name.

You must ensure that you have installed the official version of WhatsApp because WhatsApp tweeks verifies the package name of the application and enables it to function properly on any phone.

Whatsapp theming: 

WhatsApp tweeks enable users to customize the look of their WhatsApp client. Now, if you want to style your WhatsApp, you don’t need to install a different program. And your Whatsapp can be customize in a few ways that you’ll adore. You can alter WhatsApp’s color scheme, but you must first ensure that the expose framework is install on your smartphone.

Now that the proposed framework has added a number of settings to this application, it works beautifully on any phone running an operating system older than nougat.

Whatsapp tweeks personalization

The fact that this application doesn’t use a lot of memory is its best feature. And this 4 MB program does numerous things with just a few clicks. A number of there are currently no mods that allow you to tweek your official WhatsApp, but the Xposed framework lets you do it with a few simple clicks.

The WhatsApp emoji can also be changed. Install ios 11 emoji on your phone if you’re tire of WhatsApp’s outdate emoji. There are numerous functionalities that can be included.


with only a few clicks, you can change a lot of the application’s settings thanks to several great features. There are many adjustments available, some of which can be discover on WhatsApp, and others of which are still in development, which is fantastic.

The WhatsApp tweeks app has a tonne of functionality. And we’ve compiled a list of some of the best features that will enable users to access WhatsApp’s privacy settings and take advantage of various other capabilities. Let’s explore WhatsApp tweeks features in more detail.

Regular updates:

who doesn’t adore fresh features and updates? In essence, WhatsApp tweeks regularly releases updates and a tonne of new functionality. No one can be miss. If you frequently use WhatsApp, upgrade.

Less memory usage:

WhatsApp tweeks are only 4 MB in size. There are far too many features accessible on WhatsApp tweeks if you look at its feature list. If you have WhatsApp tweeks most recent version installed on your smartphone, there is no need for you to be concerned.


WhatsApp tweeks enable users to customize the look of their WhatsApp. And you can alter WhatsApp’s theme if the green design is getting on your nerves. So you may easily alter WhatsApp’s theme and make a lot of other adjustments.

Whatsapp constantly introduces new hidden features, which users can access with the aid of WhatsApp tweeks. When you have you can access those restricted options on your phone after installing the most recent beta version of WhatsApp. Once the settings are enable, you don’t need to do anything else with your phone.

An internet connection is not necessary if you wish to use WhatsApp’s hidden capabilities, you may do so with ease even if you don’t have an internet connection. There is absolutely no cost associate with your data connection.

How to stop WhatsApp calls:

there are some bothersome buddies that call you nonstop. Why they won’t call you when you may call your buddies for free on WhatsApp is unclear. Using WhatsApp tweeks, you can easily disable WhatsApp calls. Did you like reading your friends’ WhatsApp status updates? There is no need with the aid of WhatsApp tweeks, wait a while before downloading your friends’ status.

Send pictures and videos entirely: if you’re a Whatsapp user. Your WhatsApp photographs may be sent to everyone. The image resolution has probably been reduced. Because WhatsApp compresses the images whenever you share photos or videos, there is nothing you can do about it. You may now turn off those options and improve the quality of your photographs and videos if you don’t want WhatsApp to compress them.

Disable image send capacity:

if you use WhatsApp, you may have noticed that the service allows users to send up to 30 images at once. If you want to remove this restriction, you can do so on WhatsApp.

Xposed framework:

Xposed framework, which enables users to modify their WhatsApp, is liked by some users. You can customize WhatsApp. You cannot theme your WhatsApp if you are a rooted user. To experience theming, make sure the Xposed framework is installed on your phone. With the aid of WhatsApp tweeks, there are numerous more capabilities that you may take advantage of.

You can raise the documents and video restrictions on your WhatsApp account. And you may deliver the documents. To 1 GB. You must take precautions to prevent a WhatsApp crash. There is a possibility that WhatsApp will collapse. You can use this feature on WhatsApp if you and your friend both have high-end phones. You can install the Xposed framework on your phone to turn this function on permanently.

Tools for group admin:

the new feature known as group admin tools will enable group administrators to take use of new functionalities. They can turn on this option on their phone if they don’t want other users to publish in their group. This functionality is still in beta testing.

Lock passcode: wa users can password-lock their chats and archives with a tweaker. It’s simple, and you have nothing to worry about. If your phone is running the Xposed framework, you can access this change. You may apply a lock to WhatsApp without installing any additional software.

Takeaway features: if there is a feature on WhatsApp that you don’t like. With the aid of WhatsApp tweeks, you may easily delete those features. And consider that you can quickly turn off the ability for users to call you on WhatsApp if you don’t want them to.

Disable the 30-second video status limit on WhatsApp. This feature is available to all users. On WhatsApp, you can turn off this feature. To disable this feature, utilize WhatsApp tweeks. And these features are as simple to disable as 1, 2, and 3.

Select to chat: if you’d like to message your friends, you must first save their contact information. The long task, yes? What if you need to convey a message urgently? Another tool that enables users to chat with friends without saving their phone numbers is to click to chat.

Disable big emoji: you may have noticed that when you send an emoji to a buddy on WhatsApp, its size is enhanced. You can quickly turn off this feature on your phone if you don’t like it.


Root is need

Applications do occasionally crash (please send us crash reports)

Troubleshoot: feel free to comment below if you run into any problems downloading the files or opening the application.

In conclusion,

This is how you can get WhatsApp tweeks. The most recent version on your android phone.

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