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Tommy lee Twitter

Tommy lee, the drummer for mötley crüe, gained notoriety after sharing a full-frontal naked photo on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter last year. The iconic figure from hair metal posted the selfie with the ironic message “oooooppppss.”

Now he’s done it once more. This time, simply using Twitter, lee flaunts his rearview and requests assistance from Mr Peanut, the peanut butter company’s mascot: “let’s collaborate, @mrpeanut! I’ll deliver the nutz! “the drummer for rock and roll wrote. The tweet with the view may be viewed here, with an age restriction notice for users under 18 or those who aren’t logg in.

Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan responded, “you mean to the floor,” to a fan who wrote, “balls to the wall.”

Full-frontal nude from the prior year lasts for several hours before being taken down by the meta censors.  For Tommy lee’s 1.5 million Facebook and Instagram fans. Amazingly, it remained on Twitter.

Malicious mishap

Naturally, the internet went crazy after Tommy lee and one of his members’ malicious mishap. The notorious muso’s lack of remorse and subsequent double-down on his crimes, making several phallic references across his social media have only increased the post’s viral potential.

After that occurrence, tommy lee joined only fans a month later. I already want to show you my shit,” lee proclaimed to the crowd in las vegas. They removed it from the internet. No more dicks and titties, please. Is that all? How I’ve acted I’ve moved on to a location where you can be as accessible as fuck. Also, you may display anything to anyone and they won’t fucking take it down. So much the fuck! My entire crap is visible over there.

Mötley crüe’s concert

During mötley crüe’s concert in san antonio, texas, lee apparently addressed the contentious full-frontal naked selfie, claiming he was “on a bender” at the time. We took a two-week break from the tour a few weeks ago, and I went on a motherfucking bender, dude, a bender stated lee.

For the notoriously wild lee, who has reportedly always relished exposing his nude body in public with little concern, all of this is very in character. For the consequences. Lee (played by sebastian stan) had an impassioned dialogue with his penis in a scene from the recent film pam & Tommy, which focused on the tumultuous marriage of lee and Pamela Anderson.

Tommy lee has once again made waves by publishing a full-frontal nude photo to his social media accounts. The drummer for mötley crüe is now displaying his back perspective.


In a few days, the crüe will perform their first concert of 2023, so lee thought it was appropriate to contact the planters’ mascot Mr Peanut about working together. Hello Mr Peanut, let’s collaborate! The seasoned rocker commented, “I’ll bring the nutz!!!!” next to a photo of his scrotum and buttocks.

Censored screen hot

While we’ve chosen to embed a censored screenshot here, you can view the entire tweet here. Naturally, the tweet sparked a number of amusing responses, including one from Brittany Furlan, lee’s wife. When a commenter said, “balls too,” that wall you mean to the floor, Furlan retorted.

In contrast to last year, when he released his nude photo on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it appears that lee simply used Twitter this time. Afterwards, it was taken down from the latter two.  But it was still up on Twitter. Following that, the drummer frequently brought up the naked photo taken onstage during one of the crüe’s several summer gigs, explaining that the obscene tweet was the result of a binge.

This Friday, February 10, and Saturday in Atlantic City, mötley crüe will co-headline two concerts with def Leppard as part of their 2023 tour (February 11th). The performances will be the group’s debut with new guitarist john 5 after mick mars’ tour-ending retirement. Tommy lee Twitter.

After that, the crüe and Leppard will perform live in Europe and Latin America before coming back to the united states for a new album. Alice cooper will be a special guest for the august us leg. This page has tickets for all scheduled performances.

Tommy lee has opened up about everything on his social media for the second time in six months, and it’s just as puzzling as it was the previous time.

Tommy lee is still acting as though it’s 1996 in 2023.

When the mötley crüe drummer posted a shockingly obscene full-frontal photo of his genitalia on all of his social media sites six months ago, it instantly went viral and trending around the world. In the present, history is repeating itself, albeit from a new perspective.

Tommy post a picture of his royal jewels swinging between his knees in all their glory on his Twitter account. Which is follow by the fortunate 782.4k people. Along with a dash of his bum for good measure. The message reads, “hey @mrpeanut let’s collab!… I’ll bring the nutz!!!!” rather than just being an image that was shared for no reason. It was sent to Mr peanut, the endearing mascot for planters.  An American snack brand. Similar to the prior time, this was not posted by mistake. The s


As was predict, the post is receiving a lot of feedback, from Tommy Furlan lee’s wife, Brittany Furlan lee.  Take the lead by posting a gif of their son, Mr Peanut, along with the caption, “crazy sticks together.” also, respond to a bystander’s comment of “balls to the wall!” with the razor-sharp. “you are rude to the ground but despite the laughter.  It’s clear that individuals are not too happy to open Twitter.  And be greet by such a startling image right immediately.

Tommy lee Twitter

I was browsing my Twitter account when the person in front of me spotted Tommy lee’s nutsack.March 8th, 2023

When I opened Twitter because I couldn’t sleep, the first thing I saw was Tommy lee’s tweet to Mr Peanut on my fy page since someone I follow had commented on it.

When the controversial television series pam & Tommy was shown last year, pamela anderson recently disclosed that Tommy had contacted her. Tommy lee Twitter.

She explained it as follows in an interview with Variety: “I remember Tommy writing me a note saying, ‘don’t let this hurt you like it did the first time.  Because he had heard via the kids that I was having some difficulty with the thought of bringing this all up again. He wasn’t depicted well, in my opinion. I know that I will not watch it.

Another internet commotion was started by Tommy lee’s nuts tweet.

Tommy lee has advanced the situation by posting a picture of his privates with the intention of working with Mr Peanut. The post was met with humour and dismay, and comments such as “why,” “wtf,” and “ewww” immediately piled up.

Another internet commotion was started by Tommy lee’s nuts tweet.

In order to work with planters, the American snack company with the adored mascot Mr Peanut as its face.  Tommy lee, the iconic drummer of mötley crüe, who has 782.4k followers, took things to the next level by sharing a photo of his privates.

The tweet from Tommy focus on “hello @mrpeanut, let’s collaborate!” was the message sent to me. Peanut. I’m bringing the nutz!

The image, which was taken from behind, displays his private space in all its splendour.

Social media

Social media users have taken notice of the caption after being a shock to find such an image in their feeds. Brittany Furlan lee, Tommy’s wife, immediately stood by her husband .and responded to one onlooker’s remark with the amusing phrase, “you mean to the floor.”

The tweet has aroused suspicion about Tommy’s motivation for contacting planters in this way. And some people have even made fun of him for allegedly hoping to land a Mr Peanut voiceover job.

pexels pixabay 267350

The post was met with humour and dismay, and comments such as “why,” “wtf,” and “ewww” immediately piled up. Words like “why,” “wtf,” and “ewww” immediately accumulated beneath the motley crue drummer’s Twitter message.

Following the release of Pamela Anderson’s documentary, Tommy lee made headlines.

Tommy is a musician that was raise in America but was born in Greece. He was a founding member of the rap-metal group methods of mayhem .as well as the heavy metal group motley crüe. After three years of marriage, lee anderson and Pamela Anderson called it quits in 1998 due to a scandal involving domestic abuse. Their two sons are brandon thomas and Dylan jagger.

Both Anderson’s book love, Pamela and the Netflix documentary Pamela: a love story were published on January 31, 2023. The film examines some of the most significant and contentious aspects of the actress’s personality. And professional life, including her relationship with lee and their breakup.

Recently, Tommy dated comedian Brittany Furlan.

He began dating american comedian Brittany Furlan, who is well-known online, in 2017. They were in 2019. Furlan mocked the Baywatch actress on social media after the release of Anderson’s movie. However, her remarks were swiftly condemne online by users who thought they were impolite. Then, the influencer provided an online justification for her remarks.

Anderson claimed in a wall street journal interview that Furlan wouldn’t enjoy the book. Since it detailed every aspect of her relationship with lee. On February 11 def leppard, tommy lee and motley crüe will perform in Atlantic city for the first time in 2023. The performance will be the first.

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